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Service Overview

Chino Aircraft Interiors & Paint will provide you with documentation for all components that go into our completion, such as fire blocking burn test certifications for all materials used in refurbishing your aircraft, 8110 or 337 forms when applicable, and log book entries. We only use products that will comply with all FAA Federal Aviation Regulations, no exceptions. We are convieniently located at Chino Airport, which means we can schedule routine maintenance all at the same time to minimize your down time.

Complete Interior Refurbishment
  •  Seats

  •  Seat belt webbing

  •  Side panels

  •  Window panels

  •  Headliner

  •  Carpet

Partial Interior Refurbishment
  •  Seats

  •  Side panels

  •  Headliner

  •  Carpet

Exterior Services
  •  Custom paint jobs

  •  Touch ups

  •  Window replacements

  •  Fairing/wheel pants repair

  •  Window scratch removal

  •  Composite repair

  •  Installation of vortex generators

  •  De-Ice boot treatment

  •  Hail damage repair

  •  Custom wingwalks

  •  Belly landing repairs

  •  Pre-buy inspections

  •  Corrosion treatment

Additional Services
  •  Carpet runners

  •  Sound proofing

  •  Glare shield

  •  Luggage compartment

  •  Wood work

  •  Curtains

  •  Cabinetry

  •  Leather-wrapped yokes

  •  Interior plastic kits

  • At our facility, we can refinish anything from... 

    private to corporate jets, twins, helicopters, warbirds, light general aviation planes, home built, gliders and more. 

    Experience with: Aeronca, Aircoupe, American Aviation, Beechcraft (Bonanza, Duke), Cessna, Cirrus Design, Citabria, Curtis Wright, de Havilland, Mooney, Piper, Pitts, Schweizer, Stearman, Van's RV Airplanes, Lear, Citation, Hawker, Falcon, King Air and even antique Warbirds. Helicopters: Bell, Hughes, Robinson, Sikorsky

  • While your plane Is being painted....

    we will keep you informed throughout the whole process, making sure you are satisfied every step of the way.

  • We offer weekend pick up and drop service!

    To meet your busy schedule we can offer ferry service for your airplane. Chino Airport is just a short flight from many of the major & secondary airports in the Southern California Region. The airport's 7000 ft. runway easily accommodates a wide range of personal and business aircraft. Chino airport features two FBO's and Flo's, our famous airport cafe. 

  • Check us for your fast fly in touch up Job! 

    Prepare our paint technician with your paint color code prior to your visit. Excellent blend in service that saves you money and protects your plane against rust and corrosion. 

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